Premade MySpace Layout Code
We've had requests for both fixed column and non-fixed column layout codes (ones that don't resize the comment images), so what we've done is given our visitors the option of one or the other. You only need to put one box's contents into the About Me. Hope this will help you use our layouts more readily.

Note:MySpace has apparently changed their About Me editor slightly, so that some of our earlier layouts were not being able to be entered correctly. They all have been updated to be compatible with the editor changes and should work fine.

Important: You must use these in Profile 1.0, not 2.0. We are trying to figure out how to make these work in Profile 2.0, but for now they only work in 1.0.

Jonas Brothers MySpace Layout

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Fixed Columns and Comment Image Resizing

Non-Fixed Columns and Full Size Comment Images

Just the Background!
If you would like to use the background in your profile using MySpace's profile editor, you can enter this for the background directly. Note, you will still need to set the colors in the editor to match. Also for pattern backgrounds, you may need to tell it that it is a pattern.